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Always the Beginning

I haven’t posted in such a long time, and the lack of writing/moment-capturing/shouting-rhetorical-pleas-for-help-and/or-wine-into-the-wilderness drives me nuts. The thing is, when I’m not writing/capturing/weeping it means that life is at its busiest, or fullest–which also means that it’s most likely at its happiest or stressiest (not a word. I just made it a word), depending on the week. I’ve missed a lot this year documentation-wise–I was so busy living it I didn’t record it, which is awesome in the moment but after I’m all AUGH. To see those moments slipping through my fingers more quickly than I can grab onto them, well…there’s nothing I can do but pick up the thread when I can and carry on.  And so. Cian’s birthday was on New Year’s Eve, a day that has surprisingly become pretty significant to me. Everything changed for our family three years ago: we had our third child, of course, but it was a child we were told, thanks to…