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I should be cleaning. We have a house to sell, you know. Of course, if more people were coming to see the place, I’d probably be more on top of it.  Right now, though, if someone stopped by, well, I guess he could just pitch in and help me fold this laundry piled up right beside me, here, now, couldn’t he? I should be vacuuming.  Or folding. Or dusting. Again and again and again, over and over.  Saoirse said to me yesterday, “Mommy, you clean a lot. Why do you clean so much?” But at the same, you wouldn’t know it.  Because for each item that I put back in its place, there’s another being yanked off a shelf.  And for every board in the floor I mop, there’s another getting orange juice poured all over it.  I’m washing my hands of it all.  Ha.  Get it?! Washing? I can’t get away from the cleaning even when I’m trying to get away from the cleaning. It’s 78 degrees out right now, under mostly sunny skies and only the lightest of…