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Get Set, Go

I’ve gone and signed up for National Novel Writing Month again. My goal: to write 1,700 new words of Book #2 a day for the next 31 days. If I keep up this pace, the end of November will find me a happy, over-tired writer of a completed, overwritten manuscript. I’ll also probably be wearing the same clothes I am at this moment (glad they’re comfy!) and have forgotten to eat anything but Kit Kats (there are still a couple left from yesterday. Are you proud of me?), but you know that won’t matter because: BOOK #2. Yay! (Which means that I get to spend December editing the thing to death. I CAN’T WAIT.) I have almost half of a rough draft finished (I culled thousands of words as I was organizing what I had so far, but I can’t talk about that yet because the grief is too new). My dining room table has turned into a plotting zone with scenes and notes and lots of lots of holes that still need to be filled. I don’t know how often I’ll…