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Of a Feather

About a month or so ago, a bird started building a nest in the wreath hanging on our front door. By the time I noticed it, the wreath was already fully formed, shiny-new and in mint condition, prime real estate nestled in a quiet spot at the top of a door we never use. I was so upset. I hate that ugly wreath, and knew I was stuck with it on the front of my house for the rest of the summer. It’s funny, though, to watch the progression of that little baby birdie home. In the beginning, it was a perfectly formed cup of sticks and twigs, soft tufts of dandelion seeds, all intricately woven together in a tidy little aviary. The mama bird sat over her eggs in this bowl every day, alert and expectant, fixing this and that little piece until the entire place was to her liking. And then the babies came. And now I’m laughing, if only in solidarity with the mama bird. Oh, that poor nest now. THE NEST. Twigs are broken. It’s lopsided, with one side all banged up. If you peek inside, all you see…