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I Can See Clearly Now, Etc.

And like that, it was over. Tropical Storm Saoirse, the Toddler Tornado, a Letmehaveit Landslide–whatever you want to call the terrible,  gut-wrenching, hair-pulling vortex of awfullness that was these past two weeks, it seems to have passed.  Yes, we still have some minor screaming (SK’s, not mine this time), and the occasional time-out (we don’t do formal time-outs around here, because sitting in a special chair so doesn’t work–SK usually ends up in her room to calm down, or in our room with me so we can talk it out, 3-year-old style.  Supernanny would not be pleased, but it’s what works for us.  And what I mean by “works for us” is that it’s the only thing that’s sort of worked because we have no idea what we’re doing.   Don’t tell the kids), but all of a sudden Saoirse is all happy conversation and hugs and “I love you”s. Is that what hostages feel like when their captors take heart enough to pass them a small piece of stale…