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Because It’s Your Turn

It’s back-to-school shopping, Catholic kid style. A small uniform store crowded with frazzled moms (always moms), wallets in hand, expressions pulled tight as they watch the numbers climb on the register. You can tell right away which are the ones with younger kids, before you even spot the children themselves: they’re the ones with armfuls of clothes, credit cards already out, that strained look of someone who’s about to drop way more money on a couple of plaid jumpers and white shirts with Peter Pan collars than she’d budgeted for. The moms with the older ones, too–they’re super easy to spot. They stand in line, relaxed, watching the others, with maybe a sweater or spare pair of tights gripped softly, like something about to be released. These moms are usually alone, running the errand for their children, who don’t need to be with them anymore, who are out lifeguarding or babysitting or scooping ice cream behind a shop counter somewhere in town. Or maybe they’re at home, on the couch, playing a video game. You can’t be sure. But you…