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I Am All About the Pep Talks These Days

The kids are off school today for a teachers’ conference. It was beautiful out this morning–temperature in the 70s, just slightly cloudy, a little breezy–so we hiked it on down to the park that bumps up against our neighborhood (and by hiked, I mean, drove. I won’t tell you that it’s just a mile away. I will tell you that I’ve a 3-year-old who will sit down in the middle of a sidewalk when he doesn’t feel like walking anymore, and that hill back to our house is steep. I was not feeling patient enough to suggest such insanity as walking). It’s a picturesque setting: the creek rolls slowly by, trees surround us, and there’s very little traffic. If you completely ignore the fact that there’s a huge quarry pit on the other side of that hill right there, and that the vague traffic noise you hear is from the cars entering the Wegmans/Target shopping center just another half-mile through those trees over there, it’s really quite peaceful.I told Saoirse that I’d…