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You’d Say It’s a Real Kick in the Pants

SK had her first soccer class Saturday, thereby signing the papers on my official status as a modern suburban mother.  There’s no chance of even pretending you’re still a free agent when you’ve got “soccer mom”  listed among your stats. I’m locked in, baby. When do I get my own jersey? Alas, I picked up a few important items from this half-hour session that morning: 1. Good golly, I could easily become “that” mom. Do you know how many times I had to bite my tongue and force myself to stay in my seat every time the coach asked Saoirse her name (“SEERSH!” she’d matter-of-factly exclaim, not realizing, thankfully, that her formal name is strange enough to most people, let alone the nickname we call her around the house), and the coach would struggle with understanding her–I could see her checking her roster, trying to reconcile what she was hearing with the letters on the list–before just politely smiling and calling her “you.” The coach did finally break down and call out to the crowd…