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Moo and Poo

You can smell it before you see it. That’s not a good thing. The venerable PA Farm Show is being held this week in our fair capital city. It’s a time for rodeos, and steer competitions (I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, here, so bear with me. Not that there are any bears.  Just steer.  No, not steer, as in “drive.”  Steer, like the animals.  Just steer.  Yes, I’m confused, too), and dairy princesses, and equestrian shows.  Children and their families come from all over to see chickens hatching, and ooh and ahh over stinky cow behinds, and climb on tractors as big as our house (Not really kidding.  Yes, our house isn’t huge, but I’m telling you, these machines are BIG). I know I’ve been a parent for too long when I see a tractor and wonder how Lightning McQueen and Mater actually were able to tip one over. (Have you seen Cars?  No? Well, sit down right here. I can tell you alllll about it.) The Farm Show (yes, capital letters, because it’s THAT BIG) is this…