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At Least the Water’s Warm

I sometimes think about a story my dad told once, a long time ago, about part of his training when he entered the military. As I remember it, he had to take some sort of swimming test that required him to leap from something into water, then swim back to a certain point. Now, in my mind’s eye–my father told me this story when I was a child, and you know how kids make everything so impossibly awesome in their minds because it’s their imagination, and they’ll do what they want with it, dagnabit–Dad had to leap from a sky-scraping steel tower into the crashing swells of an open sea and struggle against the current back to safety. It was probably more like he had to dive into the deep end of a swimming pool and freestyle a lap, but I like my version better, so I’m sticking with it (who has the better imagination now, huh, kids?!). The sticking point, here–the most important detail–was that Dad didn’t know how to swim. Let me repeat that: he had no idea how…