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Little Sister

Sometime last spring, Saoirse came home from preschool telling me that Easter was a holiday on which we celebrate reading books and getting candy from a bunny.  Within 15 minutes, she was signed up for our church’s vacation Bible school.  I’m not a super enthusiastic religious person–I talk about faith with my family, with David, but, by golly, when my Catholic kid comes home and has no clue of the connection of God with, like, the biggest Christian holiday ever, Mama’s getting her Catholic out.  Or her wallet, as the case was this time.  Twenty bucks later, VBS was on the calendar. But what I didn’t anticipate was how Quinn was going to react to her sister being gone all week during the mornings.  Quinn had a hard time as it was during SK’s two preschool days a week last year, but we were busy during those days.  We had errands, and classes.  This year will be even harder for her, even with those activities to keep her occupied, because Saoirse will be in school more often.  But we have no schedule this summer.  We play and swim…