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Oh, My

It was a great evening.  I was feeling slightly more on top of life than usual, and the four of us were sitting down to a relaxed dinner that involved things sauteed, and jicama, which makes me giddy because it’s like a potato but totally not because it’s pronounced differently than it’s spelled, which makes it cool, and fancy cheese.  I’d made pie, even.  I MADE PIE.  Just for kicks.  ON A WEDNESDAY.  I was exhausted, and I had yet to shower, but I was happy.  We all were. David and I were laughing about something–I don’t remember what it was, but trust me, it was fun-ee.  And then one of us mentioned my dad, offhand, in one of those “That’s totally something your dad would have done!”  ways.  And then, it just blurted out of my mouth. “Oh.  I miss my dad.” SK doesn’t miss a thing. “Mom? Why do you miss your dad?” Slight pause.  I was thinking. “Because I can’t see him.” “Why can’t you see him…