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The Granola Bars That Make All Other Granola Bars Taste Like Baked Dirt

I make food all the time, right? And, exactly the way I am with books, I have a bad habit of finding a really great recipe, making that great recipe, having it turn out really, really well, and then promptly forgetting where I found said recipe or even the ingredients in the recipe, thereby designating the delicious food item I had the privilege of making once to a sort-of Leah Limbo where really awesome meals go to float around forever, forgotten, hoping someone eventually finds them again and cares enough to pluck one back out of the nether. So. The smart thing to do would be to bookmark said recipe, or print it out, or–hey, here’s an idea!–post it to this website, but that’s always been, like, too hard. Until today. For the first time in forever (my apologies to Kristen Bell, there), I’m posting a recipe. Because–in a desperate attempt to avoid going to the grocery store, really–I wanted to make a quick snack to throw into SK’s lunch bag. And because I was trying to avoid said grocery store, which is…