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Just Take it From Me

Tip: if your daughter owns a doll–more specifically, a really expensive American Girl doll that Santa brought her for Christmas–don’t ever, ever, give your 13-month-old dog a chance to get into her room when you’re not around, lest your precious 5-year-old crawl into her bed one night, all comfy and happy and ready for a book, to discover that doll discarded on top of the covers, the legs mauled to stumps, pieces of feet scattered around the room like confetti. Don’t do that.  Tip: And whatever you do–WHATEVER YOU DO–if you lose your mind and let your sweet girl’s doll (you know, the one that was made to look exactly like her) get used as a chew toy by the deranged puppy–you terrible, terrible parent, you–please retain some semblance of common sense and not suggest that she accompany you to the UPS store to see you weigh the doll, measure it for a box, and then SHOVE IT INTO THE BOX to get carted into a scary-looking back room. And don’t think you…