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Taking the Coat Off the Pajamas

When we were looking for a new house two years ago, I was very much hoping we’d find one with a proper mud room area. We were living in a typical 1960s-era split level, so when we entered the house, we walked right into our kitchen/dining area. There was no convenient place to store the uniform shoes/jackets/backpacks the kids used every day, and it’s embarrassing to say that we needed a spot. We’re all droppers: there’s not a natural neat-nick in this family, though we keep trying to pretend that gosh no, there are no clothes/shoes/bags all over the floor behind that closed door. We are IMMACULATE. (Remember this in a few sentences, okay?) When we saw this house, then–the one we’re living in now–I was super excited to discover that there was, in fact, a blessed, glorious, mud room. Actually, it wasn’t so much a room as a built-in shelving unit shoved against the wall opposite the garage door, but to me, it was paradise. The first thing I did after we moved in was…