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Step Two: Back Away from the Internet

Note: This is part of a recurring series of posts I’m calling The Year of Living Intentionally. (Unofficially, I’m calling it That Time Leah Decided to Get Her Shit Together.) You’ll be able to access all the posts here. I hope you’ll join me on the adventure. Or, specifically, social media. You know the culprits: Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. (I realize that you can identify my age to the year by what social media I use. You young whippersnappers–just sub in whatever cool platforms you’re on now for my archaic ones.) You get the idea, right? Do you ever get embarrassed by it? That tic that makes you reach for your phone if it’s been away from you for longer than a second? Have you ever scrolled through a newsfeed and actually wondered to yourself why you keep scrolling, even though you just saw those same images minutes ago? Put down the bleeping phone, you guys. If you’re going to sit down at night to read a book, finish the chapter–we used to do it all the time a decade ago. If you’re going to…