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And No One’s Allowed to Complain About the Heat

We’ve adopted the idea of a slow summer–you know, the 70s one you keep hearing about. It’s not because we need to announce some sort of manifesto, or statement, or grand philosophical theory about kids needing to be bored, or how a scheduled calendar creates a sad kid, etc. Some of this is simply propelled by necessity: we just bought a new house, and extra petty cash isn’t exactly falling out of the sky like all that rain we got last week. I’m on deadline, and only have so much time to turn in an awesome, completely revised, perfectly sensible book manuscript to my editor (amazing words, those you just read. Scary words, too). My brother is getting married this summer (whoop! whoop!), and we’re all in the wedding (whoop!), and the wedding is about half the country away (whaaa?) from our corner of Pennsylvania. So, craziness, in all its wonderful glory. But it’s also because that’s who we are (hmm. Maybe there is a bit of a manifesto happening here). David and I aren’t ones to schedule our kids into a…