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Procrastination as Meditation

Because it is Good Friday, and because I’m trying desperately not to get all anxious-pants about the to-do list I have before me, I’m taking a moment to ponder a little some of the good bits in my life. And because you read, so I share: A husband who cleans bathrooms. Even if he weren’t cute and smart and charming and funny I still would’ve married him on this alone. House plants that are brand spankin’ new. I so enjoy them for the week I have before I neglectfully kill them all dead.     Books. Except for the one I’m reading right now, because it’s terrible. I will not trouble you with its title. These were pretty good, though:     A sweet daughter who says “wack-oom” instead of “vacuum.” And “lel-low” instead of “yellow.” And “boo-ful” instead of “beautiful.”  A home with blue walls and lots of light. Chocolate-chip-cinnamon sugar banana bread, eaten by the fistful, preferably with milk. A beautiful baby who, at almost 11…