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Well, Will You Look at That

I was watching Quinn the whole time:  Saoirse was standing at the coffee table, coloring (in a book, not on the table itself.  Not that you’d know that from seeing the formerly all-white table).  Quinn had been playing nearby, but stopped when she noticed what SK was doing.  She crawled closer.  Didn’t take her eyes off of her big sister’s fingers, maneuvering.  She pulled herself up at to standing, still focused on the coloring book, still intent, until she called out and tried to grab one of the crayons out of Saoirse’s hands. Saoirse, of course, was having none of it.  And, I decided, neither should my coffee table. So within a minute, both girls were happily settled into their seats at another table, this time in the dining room, both scribbling away.  And Quinn, at her 14 months, was actually drawing.  Using the crayons–albeit upside down, but that’s some small potatoes when my baby’s an artistic GENIUS–she’d grin at me, then beam at her sister, then go back to scribbling, checking on SK periodically to see what else she should…