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Who You Callin’ Chicken?

I roasted a chicken Sunday, and as you know by now, it was not an easy feat. Actually, let me clarify: roasting a chicken, and some vegetables and potatoes to go along with it, is probably one of the easiest, least prep-necessary meals out there. However. I told you in the beginning of the year (you remember, don’t you?) how I read Kathleen Flinn’s The Kitchen Counter Cooking School and it changed the way I cook and grocery shop. Gone are the bags of produce that seem good at the time but end up in the trash in two weeks. The only packaged, overly processed foods I buy now are the “travel snacks” for the kids–you know, pretzels, animal crackers, and back-up meals like organic mac and cheese. I’ve bought one loaf of bread in two months. I’ve tried (and epically failed) to make sandwich bread two times. A friend of ours, Lisa, who’s this extraordinary wonder woman who’s smart as a whip (not quite sure what that means, except that she’s really, really smart) who homeschooled four really awesome…