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Though I Have Had Better Ideas

I went grocery shopping with all three kids. Everybody was off of school Monday, and we were out of eggs and milk, so I took them grocery shopping. Could’ve watched a movie. Could’ve taken them to an indoor trampoline park. No. I took them grocery shopping. All three kids, two of them free-standing, not corralled to a cart. By myself. During the holidays, when people act about as friendly as a porcupine with hot sauce in his eye. When the aisles are filled with stocking stuffers and red foiled-covered candies and everything Frozen, just BEGGING for tiny bird voices to beg their parents for a treat before those tired parents finally break just to get thirty flipping seconds of peace. I took my three children under the age of six to the grocery store. Silly mama. What’s even better is that I decided at 10:30 to go, but by the time I got them all herded together and in semi-appropriate clothing (Saoirse’s white socks with glitter-polka-dotted knock-off TOMS were her own doing), it was 11:30. You know how it works. By the time they…