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Sliding Around On Our Bottoms is More Fun, Anyway

You may have heard me talk about this son of ours. His name, as you know, is Cian. Cian is two and a half. Cian lives a much different life than his sisters did when they were his age. He doesn’t go to Music Together class. He hasn’t been signed up for MyGym. We hardly ever, ever go to the library, but that’s mainly because I never remember to take back the books on time and we keep racking up overdue fees (role model up in HERE!). His last playdate was two months ago. Want to know what Cian does? Cian plays while Mommy flails about on her computer in the mornings. I type a little of this, a little of that, then erase it all to wail and gnash my teeth and go write a blog post like this instead. So, Cian plays. And maybe watches Little Einsteins. And poops, then asks for a snack (every. single. day, just like that. Happy to share). We eat lunch together, then tidy up (sometimes), then traipse off to pick his sisters up from school. Every day. It has to be so boring for him. I…