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I Should be Balancing the Checkbook

Do you know how many ideas I have stored up for this blog in the sugar-addled, wine-deprived, sleepy noggin of mine? It’s a lot. As days pass there are a lot of “Ooh!” moments and “Ah, I can’t forget that!” experiences that promptly evaporate into tiny, mist-sized droplets that lodge themselves in my brain, bouncing around until the moment is so far gone I can’t remember enough details to write about them. I want to be posting all the time, I really do. But this parenting thing has sucked up my time (don’t you hate that??). I mean, the parenting and the organizing and the Christmas-preparing and the whining about how much my back hurts. Oh, and the simple fact that the only time I’m alone with my own thoughts is…uh…eh…yeah. So, in order to stay on top of life, I do not write. Which means that my house looks awesome when I don’t write, and my children are paid much better attention, and I remember to transfer the wet clothes from the washer…