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I’ll Just Be Over Here Quietly Happy if You Need Me

Note: You might read this while rolling your eyes and shaking your fist at my sanctimonious head. Be patient. There’s another note at the end.  It’s the third day of school cancellations for our kiddos because of that little snow storm that blew through here this weekend (have you heard about it?). I’ve a lot of friends who wept actual tears of dismay (or fear. Six of one…) when they heard the news. Some friends work full-time and had to scramble for childcare, or worse, take their kids into work with them. Others fear that their children are going to end up crawling their way out through the drywall because they just can’t be inside any longer. I keep my mouth shut, for the most part, unless someone thinks I’m complaining, too. I don’t, though. Yes, the routine of a school day is nice. But on the school days, I’m in stay-at-home mom mode: I’m driving to school and back to home and serving lunch at exactly noon and checking homework and making sure uniforms are clean and sticking. to…