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It was Pinot Noir

I was washing the dishes (I could seriously start every. single. blog post. with that sentence.  You know it).  Friends who had stopped in for a visit had left an hour or so before, and dinner consisted of reheated quiche and grapes and maybe a cookie or two, because it’d been a long day.  For the kids, too, I mean.   I discovered this morning that Saoirse, in fact, does absolutely hate her swim lessons, the realization of which was accented by her sitting on the edge of the pool, looking at me, tears filling up her goggles, lower lip jutting out, quivering, as she pleaded, “Mommy.  Please, can I come see you?” before Coach Mike pulled her back into the water.  (“I’m going to let you go, now,” I heard him say, “and you’re going to swim on your own.”  “You shouldn’t,” replied Saoirse, right before her head went underwater).  And then my friends came over, and we had lunch, and then SK screamed for a few hours because Quinn was playing with her toys (somebody help me before I quit this job, yes…