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That Sound is 2016 Laughing

No one needs another blog post about the “work-at-home mommy” struggle, or a kid throwing a tantrum because no one will play cars with him, or the difficulty of trying to focus on a creative task (er, writing, anyone?) when you can’t fully dive into it because your 3-year-old wants you to try on his sunglasses and help him get a snack (“yogurt an’ HUN-ee. ‘Cause I hungee.”) and you need to make sure he isn’t really strangling the cat even though it sounds like it. No one needs to read any of that. But it’s the first working day of 2016, the day known to anyone as the very first day all of our New Year’s resolutions get thrown out the window (I had cheese popcorn straight out of the bag this morning for breakfast. Take that, Fitbit!). So write-vent I shall.  I’m trying to get it right this year, after months (years, a lifetime, whatever) of flailing about wondering how to accomplish the tasks I set out to do (shower, grocery shop, finish another novel). Without…