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And They Wonder Why I’m Grouchy

I had intended to stay up until David came home that night, but I fell into bed at 10:30. David had been travelling, and as always happens by the end of one of his trips, I felt like a piece of stale bread somebody left under the broiler too long. You know, toast. He arrived home from Connecticut a short while later, dropping his suitcase on the tile floor with a clatter,  then cursing under his breath–his whisper, bless his heart, is sort of the same decibel at which you and I speak–because he’d been trying to be quiet. Irony, that. It was 10:52. I came downstairs to chat, and after muttering a few incoherent sentences, was ushered back to bed. (A delirious wife in crumpled pajamas and still-wet hair trying to hold a conversation in their kitchen with the road-weary husband, still wearing his tie from seven that morning? Moments like that are what keep a marriage on FIRE. Or maybe that’s just my eyes burning from lack of sleep. Either or. ) At 2:33 a.m., Cian woke. I fed him, even though the doc says…