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Just One of Many (Just One More Time)

Note: I don’t normally repost essays I’ve previously written, but I’ve been thinking about this one a bit lately–or, actually, this topic. See, April holds the anniversary of the days on which both David’s and my father died. And right now, there’s a lot of bad talk in the news–people being hated, the people who are hateful being hated themselves, all that usual stuff that swirls around our world on a daily, weekly basis. And I just find myself withdrawing from it all: I will say that these past couple of weeks I’ve actually liked those cat memes that keep popping up on Facebook more than my friends’ actual status updates. It hurts me to admit that. I’m not someone who wears my faith on my sleeve, partially because I don’t feel like being lumped into any sort of stereotype (I know. How very Peter of me), and mainly because faith is something I stumble through every day, picking my way through the fields (sometimes meadows, sometimes gravel) of belief like a stranger trying to find her way in…