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Just One of Many

Quinn broke her elbow yesterday. It’s just a slight fracture.  She was in and out of the urgent care center in an hour, with “pictures” of her arm and a recommendation for an orthopedic pediatrician.  She got pizza (“pepp-ee-roni”) and frozen yogurt (chocolate) for dinner.  She skipped her bath.  She has to wear a splint that goes from her wrist to her upper arm, with a sling to match.  She, surprisingly, doesn’t seem to mind the sling so badly. For me and David, though, well, that’s a different story. It happened while we were downstairs, in the family room, talking.  The girls were in the living room a few steps above us, playing with some toy airplanes.  I’d just made a comment to David about how lucky we are that they play so well together–listen to the stories they make up!– and how just downright awesome it is that we have such happy children.  There was no thump, nor scream, or anything like that.  Just Quinn, appearing at the top of the stairs, clutching her left arm and sobbing.  Big fat tears rolling…