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The Bankruptcy Never Bothered Me Anyway

The girls are not into Frozen, in the way other children are into Frozen, with the wigs and the princess dresses and the Elsa-screenprinted t-shirts. They are into Frozen in that they ask me to play the CD when we’re in the car, and sing all the songs at the very top of their lungs while I’m trying to make dinner and hold on to the day’s last shred of patience. They sort of just…like the music. And maybe Elsa’s hair. (“Let the storm rage AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!”) So, Disney on Ice: Frozen came to town, and like a billion other gullible (I mean, loving) parents in the tri-state area, I got tickets. At the last minute, of course, because seriously, do you not know me by now? Two hundred dollars later, we were settled into our seats right up at the very tip-top of the arena, with choice views of the Stonyfield Yogurt ads on the top of the set. The bathroom was approximately thirty miles away, because Disney had sealed off half of the place (i.e., where we were sitting) for the show…