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And Now the Cat Just Runs When She Sees Him

It’s happening, quickly, in little spurts and hiccups in between the happy playtimes and cries for hugs and usual, everyday following-me-around-the-house. And it all started with the sprinkles. I swear to you, I was upstairs for no longer than five, maybe seven, minutes when The Day of the Sprinkles happened. I was putting on mascara. Grabbing my watch. The kids had been playing in the dining/playroom, happy and peaceful and quiet. And as I listened upstairs, in that five-to-seven minute stretch, I still heard quiet, so I felt happy and peaceful. Silly mommy. You never ever let quiet children go unchecked. WE ALL KNOW THIS. And I came skipping down the stairs, happy in my ignorance, to see Quinlan rush to meet me at the bottom of the steps. And her face was blue. Her mouth, her cheeks. The palms of her hands were blue. Her fingernails. The soles of her feet were blue. Cornflower blue, to be exact. My child had transformed into a Smurf while I was brushing on some Maybelline Volume Express. Quinlan looked at me, and her expression was deadpan. She’d positioned herself in front…