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She Might Have a Point

Some days go along better than others: those are the days where you feel like you actually are conquering this life thing. And then other days, your nine-year-old serves you a reality check, like this one: Saoirse was in my office, hanging out, when I saw her take a long look at the expanse of blank wall that sits opposite the front windows. “Mom?” she asked. “Why don’t you have any pictures there?” I glanced at it. That blank wall bugs me, but it’s staying that way for now. “Because your dad and I want to knock a hole in that wall,” I said, “to make a doorway into the living room.” “But then people will see your messy office,” she said. I felt a little indignant at this. I’m not messy all the time. There are moments when you can see a clear surface in here. Sometimes, anyway.  “Well, then, I’ll keep it neat!” I replied. Saoirse kept looking at the wall, thinking, then shook her head. “I don’t think that’s going to work out.”  See…