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I Should’ve Written This Instead

Why do we so often measure the quality of people by what they do for us? David’s birthday was yesterday, and when I was thinking of what to write in his card, so many of the adjectives that came to mind were ones that described how he interacts with me, or people close to me. He’s selfless, I thought, which is true: that man would give up his left arm (he’s right-handed, so…) for me if I needed it, and every single day he does something that requires him to step aside in order to make room for me. I am embarrassed to write that–what does it make you think of me?–but it’s true. The only thing he won’t do is go with me to see Morrissey in concert this summer, but I think even the best men in the world would draw the line there. So I sat there, pen in hand, thinking…about me. Dave’s an absolutely patient person, too, which is nice, since I’m, to say the least, not. He slows me down. Makes me see…