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In Thanksgiving, Really

I saw somebody on Twitter mention that she couldn’t wait until November was over, because that meant all her friends’ “I’m so grateful for…” status updates on Facebook would finally stop. This made me think two things: a) I actually like those status updates, because awww, people can be so SWEET, and b) I need a life. But because I’m trying to keep this post HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY (it’s the holidays! Fa la la!), I thought I’d give you my own list of thanks. So, in the spirit of one of the greatest holidays in American culture (I’m talking about Target opening at 8 a.m. tomorrow. What are you talking about?), here are some items in my life for which I am most grateful. Feel free to rant about me on Twitter while you stand in line to get that 30 percent-off mustache trimmer. I’ll be watching the kids race off their pumpkin pie highs on the lawn and hoping nobody breaks a leg. So, to begin. I am thankful for: Extra sets of sheets, at three a.m., when…