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You Say Fasting, I say Complete Life Overhaul

It’s Ash Wednesday today–the beginning of Lent here in Catholic Christian Land–and I’m off to the girls’ school this morning for mass and the annual smear of holy dirt on the ol’ forehead. They’ll be looking for me, my girls, and I’ll be sure to sit in the middle of the church, where we can all see each other, so that they know I’m here for them and that we’re on this journey (you know: life, faith, family, to the grocery store to stock up on fish for Fridays) together. They asked me yesterday to explain “ordinary time”–those lulls between church holidays and the preparations for them–because they had been taught that ordinary time was ending in order for this new season to begin. In that vein, I’m using this day to start fresh. I had a whole list of resolutions written up as we flipped the calendar to 2017 two months ago, and blog post ideas galore, and Life-Changing Habits to begin (like the all caps there? Do you sense the importance…