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Checking in: The Year of Living Intentionally Steps 1-4

Note: This is part of a recurring series of posts I’m calling The Year of Living Intentionally. (Unofficially, I’m calling it That Time Leah Decided to Get Her Shit Together.) You’ll be able to access all the posts here. I hope you’ll join me on the adventure. Well, we’re almost two months into The Year of Living Intentionally project. Let me give you an update on how it’s going on my end. (Spoiler alert: It’s not. Well, it is, but like anything I do, it’s been a slow, bumpy start.) Step One: Stop the Loop. Oh, you guys, I don’t know. I think I’ve gotten better at this, though I’m surprised to say it. Often times without even thinking about what I’m doing now I can shut that mental window on the bad thoughts hamster wheel (mixing up my analogies just a bit here), so I can tell that the practice is becoming a habit. But it’s harder when the day’s been bad, or I haven’t gotten as much sleep, or I realize I…