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Well, That Was Unexpected

As I type this, one child of mine is napping upstairs in her room, another is playing quietly with her cars in the family room, and a third–my third!–is snuggled beside me on the couch, furiously working at his hospital-issued pacifier and staring at the shadows dancing on a throw pillow with the pointed fascination only a tired two-week-old can muster. I’ve been so anxious to write this post for days now, but now that I’m sitting down, staring at the screen, all I can do is think, three. We have three. My God, my life is full. Cian Xavier (it’s pronounced “Key-yen,” and means ancient, enduring. It’s also the name of an old Celtic hero who got all PO’d at some Irish king and impregnated his daughter in retaliation, but nevermind that, please. Actually, just forget I told you, okay?) has entered our lives as if he’d always been here, sweet and mellow and desperate to be held all the time. He’s a boy. A BOY, which means that I’ve had to figure…