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To Be Brave (No Water Ice Required)

There was a fundraiser held at my daughters’ school last week. The kids were supposed to run around a track with their classmates, trying to get in as many laps as they could within a certain period of time, essentially “earning” the money that their sponsors had donated to the school in support of them. We parents stood beside the track yelling “Mush! Mush!” in their faces in order to get them to go faster. No, I’m just kidding at that last part. We didn’t heckle them. This was a school-sanctioned event, after all. No, we cheered like good parents, and distributed water ice as a reward (cotton candy flavor! Swedish fish flavor! Mango flavor, but who wants orange fruit when you can have COTTON CANDY!) and took their pictures and told them what a good job they did. Sheesh. Saoirse was so excited for race day–she loves to run, and this fundraiser is one of the big events the school kids get to do for fun each spring. For them, it’s basically 45 minutes of happy running followed by dessert (“Mom! The cotton candy…