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Step Three: Just Trust

Note: This is part of a recurring series of posts I’m calling The Year of Living Intentionally. (Unofficially, I’m calling it That Time Leah Decided to Get Her Shit Together.) You’ll be able to access all the posts here. I hope you’ll join me on the adventure. Writing–or novel writing, like I do, because who needs a sane job–is a weird profession, and it’s not for people with borderline self-esteem issues who feel much better about themselves when they know where they stand in the world. Not saying I am such a person, of course. Just speaking in general. Other than that one time I married David even though I barely knew him (not a very big deal at all, really), very rarely have I ever been okay with not knowing how something I was endeavoring to take on would work out. I need to make sure people like me well enough, for one thing. And I’ve never not had a job where I haven’t been working toward the next promotion (hey, publishing, I’m looking at you!), or next marking period (or, in…