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Flying a Kite

There are certain tasks a child expects her parent to be able to do, without question or fail, at every single attempt. It is inherently assumed that Mom and Dad will always be able to: a) assemble a bike, b) make a boo-boo feel better, c) tie a shoe, and d) fly a kite. Guess which one I can’t do. Alas, yesterday it was windy enough for naive, optimistic Mom (that’s me) to suggest to Saoirse that we try out her new kite. Funny, thing, telling someone to go fly a kite: you say that to an adult–“Hey! Go fly a kite, wouldya?!”–and you risk getting punched in the face. Say the same thing to a 3-year-old, though, and you get, “Okay! That sounds like fun! Let’s GO!” So outside we went, plopping Quinn in the grass, where she promptly ripped off her socks only to discover that bare grass feels awful on a baby’s skin: This is also where my poor eldest child discovered that Mom is a failure, at least when it comes to kite-flying on a semi…