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And Then She Turned Five

Quinlan turns five this week. And, oh, this one. We still call her Mighty, but she’s more like a sprite. A really, really smart sprite who twirls through rooms on her tiptoes while talking with a vocabulary the likes of which I’m pretty sure I didn’t have until I was in college. She still sucks her thumb. She’s still covering us with kisses and hugs, all the time. I mean, all. the. time. Her favorite shoes are flipflops. She likes to feed the cat, and is way beyond excited to have chores. She’s actually really good at cleaning up her toys when asked, unless her sister’s around, and then she curls up on the couch with her thumb in her mouth while her sister does all the work and yells at her to help. She still loves butterflies, and horses, and now My Little Pony. She digs the color turquoise (“bluish-greenish”), and baseball, and amusement park swings. Her favorite food is pasta with butter, she helps me bake and cook–always offering to help–and she likes to watch Magic School Bus and…