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Somebody Ate All the Crab Chips, Too

I have to be honest with you: unless they’re eating fruit or celery or something gloriously healthy (“Mom? Do we have anything else?” “NO.”), I make most of the snacks we give our kids. I know. I’m rolling my eyes at me, too. But bear with me as I explain. David and I are trying to consciously cut back on all the trash we produce (well, mainly me. David tries but he really likes Pop-Tarts and those Herr’s Crab Chips, and there’s no zero waste aficionado on earth who can convince him to, I don’t know, dig his own potatoes and make his own. Though I’ve probably tried). I know it sounds hippie, but I’ve always been like this, really, and well…I don’t know. We’re trying. If I can fill a thermos instead of buying a water bottle, I’ll do it. I’m not crazy, just inherently guilt-ridden. Anyway. So. Because of my naturally hippie ways, combined with a way-too well-versed knowledge of all the different forms of MSG…