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The Stick-Shift Diaries

I’m starting to think that Saoirse comes by her fascination with cars quite honestly, given the way David and I pounce on the newest issue of Motor Trend the instant it lands in the mailbox. It’s only been in recent years, when we’ve had to buy vehicles with “sensible” and “family” in the descriptions, that I’ve realized how very much we’re, well, into cars. It’s just a little inconvenient that our status as a one-income family with small children doesn’t exactly jibe with what we see on those glossy pages. The other day, the girls and I were running some errands, and Saoirse saw a vehicle the exact year and model as my old one. “Look, Mom! Your red car!” she exlaimed, pointing out the window. I was shocked. We’d sold my cute little Jetta when I was pregnant with Quinn because two car seats wouldn’t fit in the thing (that and we were about to sink a down payment’s worth of money on repairs, so alas, new car). How did she remember…