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We’ll Just Buy a New House When They’re Grown

There’s crayon all over my white sofa table.  And apparently, on my coffee table.  Oh, and marker on the couch, and it won’t come out. In the family room, you’ll see an unidentifiable stain I just found on the family room sofa in the spot where Saoirse usually sits.  Not quite sure how that happened. My children are with me all day.  Which means that this morning, I have pulled sheets out of the dryer only to discover that I also washed one stuffed animal, three plastic hair clips and a Carter’s price tag.  I have had to roll one of those lint brush things over Quinn, then just give up and  change her clothes anyway, because her newfound penchant for rolling around on Luca makes for some furry baby clothes.  Later, I was at the grocery store, putting some produce into a reusable bag, only to pull out a pair of SK’s flip-flops in front of a dumbfounded (and slightly grossed-out) cashier. I’ve discovered chalk dust on dining room chairs, melted crayon in my baby’s nose, my favorite sandals in a toy bin…