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Hitting the Fan

I totally realize that my entire last post was about chicken stock.  And I am completely aware that those of my friends who work or go to school full-time while raising a family wanted to roll their eyes, bop me over the head and/or have some other form of physical reaction because I spent an entire blog post talking about chicken stock, but what can I say? I’m writing this blog to remember all the stuff that happened when our girls were just wee ones, and some days, well, chicken stock is what happened. I’m quickly realizing that a big part of a happy life–for me, anyway–is getting rid of the “extra” stuff:  the silly worries, the swarm of toys and paperwork and spontaneous, silly purchases and the gross lump of salad leaves that I forgot about in the back of the fridge’s crisper drawer. And this paring down, this getting rid of the extras takes a lot of time.  And concentration.  I am not the best multi-tasker, as I’ve established before.  I totally know I go in fits and phases and waves…