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We made three visits to the doctor in 28 hours this weekend. I don’t recommend this for a fun time, especially when one of those visits is on Easter Sunday morning and involves my dear 3-year-old being the only patient to ever visit a normally closed pediatrician’s office in an Easter dress, an eye swollen half-shut, and a date for mass in an hour…At the end of an all, the tally is as follows: two cases of walking pneumonia (me and the Mighty), two ear infections (the girls, and the reason for Saoirse’s fight face) and a sinus infection (me, just to throw a sick momma into the mix to even things out). As I type this, David has sealed himself into a bathroom and is bathing in Purell. I fully expect him to emerge in a biohazard suit…No, just kidding. He’s been awesome. But still. Good thing he washes his hands a lot. A whole lot. So, with all the syringes and open medication bottles, our house looks like a New Jersey beach circa 1987. Quinn does a lot of sleeping–unless it…