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Is it Possible to Hire a Grocery Nanny?

Grocery shopping. I’ve put off writing about this for so long, for three reasons: I’m worried that I will bore you to tears. There’s way too much to write about, and nap time only lasts so long. Even writing about it exhausts me. I need to brag a little: our children are fantastically well-behaved for most of their waking hours. They are sweet, and smiley, and treat trips out-of-doors like their own little spa vacations. Saoirse is constantly asking, “Mom, are we going anywhere today?,” the answer to which is usually yes, which is also a large part of the reason why the family room couch is currently covered in laundry waiting to be folded. (Much to my disappointment, there are no real leprechauns in the world who do your housework for you while you’re gone. The myths and legends lie. This makes me quite sad, if you can believe it). At the store, SK bounces along, helping me choose everything from avocados to cereal, and Quinn is just content to flash gummy smiles at everybody she passes. But even with the most awesome of children, grocery…