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A Lesson in Avoidance

I really do like our house, honest. It’s cute and open and light, and I actually appreciate that it’s small enough that if I’m in one room, I can hear Saoirse doing jumping jacks on her bed in another. It’s an older home, though–circa Lyndon B. Johnson older–and true to its era, well, it’s got the closet space of a TV my mom would’ve used to watch the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Yeah, that small. And because of that, we have to do the twice-a-year switcharoo of off-season clothes, which I usually put off until I can no longer get away with wearing lamb’s wool sweaters at the local pool. I dread the Rubbermaid storage containers staged around the bedroom. I weep at the thought of sorting through clothes to give away to charity. And now that I’m post-baby but not quite finished nursing (3 weeks and 4 days to go, now that I’m counting), I have to try on every. single. item of clothing. So I do what any organized person does: I…