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There’s a Reason Wit’s End isn’t a Tourist Destination

David and I were talking last night, and out of the blue I said, “You know, last week I decided I’ve sort of reached my threshold with this stay-at-home-mom thing.” David’s response? “Yeah. I could see that.” As I type this, all three kids are scream-crying. All of them. All three. If you think that I’m hiding from them right now with this blog and half a sleeve of Thin Mints, you’re wrong. It’s an entire sleeve. I want to know if other full-time parents ever feel that their kids would actually be happier in daycare. Because sometimes I wonder who this is benefitting. Yes, I’m there to pick the girls up from school, and I can be here to put Cian down for his nap, when he takes one (oh my goodness why won’t he take one anymore?!), but other than that? Do they really want to live with a frazzled mother so overwhelmed by the constant futility of cleaning this mess she’s practically hanging out the door waiting for relief to show up…