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Dog Barf and Cousins

As I write, our dog is upstairs dry heaving. Not quite sure what’s going on with him, but he doesn’t look happy, the sound is making me nauseous, and I’m pretty sure I should be moving him outside and calling the vet rather than typing this. Have you ever heard a dog barf? The last time he did this was when we’d first moved here from Baltimore. He’d gotten into some chocolate bars we’d accidentally left out on the counter (and by some, I mean a pound and a half). Per our vet, I gave him some hydrogen peroxide and waited outside while he brought it all back up…or so I thought. Ten minutes after Luca came inside–Dave had walked in the door just in time for this–our entire kitchen floor, our chair–our dog–was covered in mucus-y chocolate vomit. Yeah, I know. I can still smell it, too. Our downstairs smelled like the Hershey’s factory for days. At least he stayed in the kitchen, right? As you might have guessed, this is totally not what…